11 Movies with Intriguing Twists like 'Us'

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Jordan Peele’s second original horror film shattered records, earning a groundbreaking $70 million in its debut weekend—a historic achievement for an original horror movie. "Us" boasts a certified fresh rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, praised for its genuine terror, suspenseful twists, and moments of dark humor that provoke deeper reflection on its themes.

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If you’re captivated by “Us,” here are essential additions to your watchlist:

"Get Out" is a must-see.

Jordan Peele's debut feature takes a different narrative path, focusing on a young black man visiting his white girlfriend’s family. Amidst awkward attempts at connection, he uncovers unsettling truths that redefine horror. "Get Out" launched Peele's reputation for its meticulously crafted script, eerie atmosphere, and unexpected comedic touches—earning Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

“Funny Games” inspired Jordan Peele.

While “Us” references the chilling aura of “The Strangers,” Peele drew inspiration from “Funny Games,” a home invasion thriller where two men terrorize a suburban family in their vacation home. This 1997 version remains a stark reminder of horror’s capacity to disturb.

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” explores unseen forces at play.

Peele considers “The Birds” the ultimate invasion narrative, where avian creatures unleash chaos upon a Northern California town. This Hitchcock masterpiece resonates with “Us” in its exploration of primal fears taking tangible form.

“It Follows” introduces an inescapable terror.

Like Adelaide's haunting fear in "Us," “It Follows” depicts a relentless entity that pursues its victims relentlessly, assuming human guise yet never ceasing its pursuit. This 2014 horror, endorsed by Peele, explores themes of inevitable fate and the horror of perpetual pursuit.

"The Transfiguration" questions identity and darkness.

Reflecting themes from "Us," this film centers on Milo, a boy with a fixation on vampires. As Milo’s true nature unfolds, viewers confront unsettling questions about identity and the darkness within.

“The Lost Boys” channels ‘80s nostalgia.

Adelaide's childhood memory in "Us" references the filming of “The Lost Boys” on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This 1986 vampire cult classic epitomizes ‘80s culture with its iconic soundtrack and portrayal of youth culture and rebellion.

“C.H.U.D.” delves into subterranean horrors.

Referenced in "Us" through its VHS tape, “C.H.U.D.” reveals the lurking terrors beneath New York City—a metaphor for neglected societal issues morphing into monstrous threats.

Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona” dissects psychological depths.

This Swedish masterpiece, akin to the enigmatic layers in “Us,” delves into the intertwined lives of a nurse and her mute patient, blurring the lines between identity and existence.

“Black Swan” juxtaposes beauty with darkness.

Like the dual roles in "Us," Darren Aronofsky’s "Black Swan" explores doppelgängers amidst the world of ballet, where perfection masks a descent into psychological turmoil and horror.

“Hereditary” examines familial curses.

Similar to "Us," Toni Collette’s harrowing portrayal in “Hereditary” navigates a mother’s unwitting role in her family’s dark fate, confronting unspeakable horrors with emotional depth.

“The Shining” casts a chilling shadow.

A cornerstone of horror, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” like "Us," explores the unraveling psyche within an isolated setting, where supernatural forces drive a father to madness and terrorize his family.

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