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Marketing Research Marketing Strategy

At the initial stages of developing the marketing plan, focus groups discussions are held to gain insight into the market segment. The insight is helpful in understanding the prospective customers and the key process in making decisions (Malhotra, 2015).


The student in the academy will also be involved in the marketing research. Their report will be helpful in understanding the scope of operations in graphics and visual arts. It will also be sued to benchmark the service delivery and the expected results.

Marketing Objectives

Create public awareness of the services we offer and have unsolicited requests for services.

To build a pool of referrals over the years towards a stable and sustainable business where our students explore more in the world of opportunities.

Build our brand to be the most preferred in the market and academia.


Financial Objectives Marketing Strategy

To maintain tremendous growth each year

To break even by the end of the first year of operation

To continuously lower the variable cost of the project 

Strategy Pyramids Marketing Strategy

The strategic objective of the academy for the visual arts is to provide students with hands-on training and earn them experience in graphic design while earning some money for themselves and the academy. The academy looks to position itself as a creative, unconventional, innovative hub for graphic design and visual arts. The market strategy will be used as a tool for building customers aware of our services. It will also be applied to develop a strong client base and networks, and further, create and maintain the client referrals and loyalty.