Environment Analysis for different areas and the measures of Ramsay 不同地区的环境分析及拉姆齐的对策





Nomination & Governance Committee Review and recommend to the Board the size and composition of the Board, including review of Boardsuccession plans and the succession of the Chairman, having regard to the fact that the Board shouldcomprise of Directors with a broad range of skills, expertise and experience from a diverse range ofbackgrounds.

Risk Management 

Committee Oversee and drive improvement in riskmanagement practices in relation to the following areas: patient safety;workplace health and safety; andoperating environment.


Strategy Position of the Organization with SWOT

Ramsay Health Care and its hospital are developing towards the samegoal which is delivery of environmentally sustainable outcomes with agroup of people to achieve the teams or the communities goal which isenvironment performance improving. The key area of Ramsay is reducingconsumption by delivering a high quality health care not only Ramsayitself but also as a global provider. What's more, within the requirement of delivering a high quality health care as far as practicable, reducing the water usage and maximizing efficient water management are also in a need. In the following, Ramsay's strategyposition of organization will be analyzed reference toSWOT analysis. SWOT is a strategic planning technique used to help a person or organization identify strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related business competition or project planning (Blake&Wijetilak, 2015).



As for Ramsay Health Care the strength is that they have a mutualhardware support, and also the brand is so famous around thesecountries. Due to a long term development, Ramsay also has itsdevelopment style with the strong support of peoples’ believes and brandeffects, which is quite important for a company’s development. By the way, Ramsay has its own community culture in UK, Australia, Asia and other countries. Based on different counties situation, it has collected a lot ofexperiences in how to build up or utilize a according program to solve theproblem or do more environmental contribution work (Humphrey, Albert, 2005).



Weakness is that the company already has a mutual managementsystem. It’s hard to do some changes. The cultures building are not sucheasy once it wants to brand to other cities, it might not such suitable forthe countries environment. They might need to put in a lot of resourcesand software. As health care devices with high spent rate,the consuming fee is not much easy to afford. So the benefitpeople range cannot be a big group of people. Once they want to benefit morepeople, Ramsay has to develop a more effectively way and affordableway to serve as more people as possible.



Opportunity for Ramsay is obviously Peoples concept about health care ismuch stronger than before, and they are willing to spend more in thishigh pressure, so the requirements also become stronger than before. No matter they need it now or in the future they will also prepare for thefuture. Also, industries development is not such pure as before. There areso many connections with each industry. Like companies are aiming onhow to reduce the usage of resources, it has to invest, and then later oneall the benefits can be for environment but also for the company's futuredevelopment. No matter commercial goal or environment protecting development, no matter commercial goal or environment protecting, they are all connected. The doors of other companies' are opening for thiskind of good industry. So it provides the industry a more free developingenvironment and communication can be more specific and colorful fromdifferent aspects of views (Sidney Morning Herald, 2014). 



Threaten can be like something company are not able to control. Likedisease cure way or some new gem. And the most important one isgovernment policy changes. For example, currently, some governmentsare warm welcoming the investigator from other country, because it isquite important for countries to communicate with each other. Nowadays so many health care institutions from different countries theymight take a long time to get the benefit back. As for a government, they are quite importantfor country to communication with each other.Asfor a government theymight open the door for different investigators, but the investigator alsowith bring some new ideas. Once the concepts can't be accepted,theywill close the door again, but the problem is not about who is right andwho is wrong, countries are varies from countries, environment, people,situation, requirements and so on. So many factors can be affected. 


There should be another threaten, as a global hospital provider, thereare still so many local industries competitors and they are much more familiar with the people’s needs.The Ramsay culture realizes that people-staff and doctors are the treasures of the Ramsay Health Care. And it is leading the company to a successway. The principle of this core values is: people are always work with ahigh spirit, enjoy their work and always show the positive side for patientPeople are not always stay in the moment, they are always seeking a wayto be better, and the same as the companies aim and everyone iscontributing on it. Staff in the company buys in the value of integritycredibility and respect for the individual. The relationships are constructive so that we can achieve the positive outcomes for all. Thecompany believes that success comes through recognizing andencouraging the value of people and team. They deliver this value andthey are also doing this. Last but not least, they are aiming to grow theirbusiness while maintaining sustainable levels of profitable, providing abasis for stakeholder loyalty.


Management Function of Ramsay 

Agood company will have a better management. A better management willbenefit the company. Following the management function of Ramsay is analyzed in ethical decision making, culture and planning leading. 


Ethical Decision Making 

Ethical decision-making requires a review of different options, eliminating those with an unethical standpoint, and then choosing the best ethical alternative.Various elements are playing when making decisions. In terms of ethics, Organizational or group codesare one of the significant factors when making decisions. The core value of Ramsay is People Caring People. “Care” is not only can applied in the daily life and daily work, but also meets the expectations of the customers- patients and stuffs. Stuffs working in this environment are more patients and friendly enough to the patients who need care. Patients receive care from the stuffs will show understanding and sympathy for the stuffs. 



What appreciated by people is the RHC’s business culture that has sustain for a long period. Ramsay identified it's their responsibility not only standing on the role as a company and reference onthe company's obligation under environment, but also cooperatecitizen. Under this culture, Ramsay Health care believes thatimproving the performance is fundamental tobusiness success. And such direction or outcome should be also with somedetailed measurement like activities arranging and decision making at all. It is vital and crucial that each community should havetheir own culture, just like the one in Ramsay. People are creating, promotingand communicating an environmental culture that is suitable and sustainable across the community. Members are all involved into it


Planning Leading 

Ramsay Health Care takes a lead role and other companies or industries can understand and study, which shows the leadership andownership in the health industry.The slogan and core values of the Ramsay are people caring people. As a privatehospital provider, it also aims on commercial development meanwhiletaking the responsibility of resources solving and environment protecting. Ramsay is also seeking out the potential partnerships that are having thesimilar business objectives in a win-win way which is more effectivelyand also efficiently.



As the leader in health care industry, Ramsay has a more perfect management audit than other companies. However, it still needs to improve the quality of the cares and integrity of the management that canachieve a great effectiveness and maximize the profits. Meanwhile, as aprivate medical company, it will faces more challenges but also opportunities in the future. Only have much better system and management can the company transforms the challenges into opportunities. 


1. Continuing to advocate the value “People Caring People”;

2. Maintaining focus on social and environmental responsibility;

3. Promotingthe performance of patient safety and quality systems;

4. Driving other companies and the health industry to move forward.

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