Explore New Depths with These Films If You Loved 365 Days

If the intense passion and suspense of 365 Days left you spellbound, your quest for more films brimming with similar thrills ends here. Delve into our meticulously curated collection of movies akin to 365 Days, meticulously arranged to cater to your craving for sultry and heart-pounding content. Crafted by our team of dedicated editors and ranked by fellow enthusiasts like you, these recommendations promise to satiate your desire for captivating narratives.

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Within this compendium of films echoing the allure of 365 Days, you'll discover a diverse array of storylines interwoven with steamy encounters and electrifying chemistry among characters. Your pursuit of steamy movies akin to 365 Days on Netflix is simplified, as our selection meticulously caters to the offerings of this popular streaming platform. With these specially chosen titles, immerse yourself in a realm where romance and spice intertwine seamlessly.

But our offerings extend beyond the confines of Netflix. Embrace a plethora of cinematic gems akin to 365 Days, spanning various platforms. Whether you're drawn to passionate love stories laced with dark undertones or crave sensual dramas with intricate plots, our collection promises something to enthrall every viewer who savored the 365 Days experience.

And as advocates for community engagement, we value your input. Cast your vote for your preferred movies and shows from our curated list, empowering others to unearth their next cinematic obsession. To streamline your viewing experience, we've incorporated convenient streaming buttons beneath each recommendation, spanning platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, and HBO Max. Now, embarking on these captivating journeys is just a click away.

Additional Recommendations:

1. Outlander: Transport yourself to 1945 Scotland as a combat nurse's honeymoon takes an unexpected turn, catapulting her back to the 1700s.


2. Fifty Shades of Grey: Explore the enigmatic world of BDSM as an innocent literature student delves into a complex relationship with a billionaire, unearthing dark secrets along the way.

3. Femme Fatale: Follow Laure's gripping tale of betrayal and redemption as she navigates a web of crime and identity, encountering a woman eerily similar to herself.

4. Secretary: Witness Lee Holloway's journey of self-discovery and forbidden desire as she embarks on a tumultuous relationship with her demanding employer.

5. Cruel Intentions: Dive into the Machiavellian world of Manhattan's elite teens as seduction and manipulation entwine in a game of love and deceit.

6. Bridgerton: Embark on a Regency-era romance with the Bridgerton siblings as they navigate the complexities of love and societal expectations.

7. Indecent Proposal: Experience the moral dilemma faced by a young couple when a billionaire offers them a solution to their financial woes, testing the boundaries of love and loyalty.

8. Basic Instinct: Unravel the gripping mystery surrounding a seductive novelist and her entanglement with a troubled detective in this noir thriller.

9. Body Double: Follow Jake Scully's descent into a world of intrigue and danger after witnessing a murder, culminating in a journey through the underbelly of Hollywood.

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